About Us

Welcome to Lashae Medical!
I am Roshonda Hasan, nurse and mother of two beautiful girls. The name Lashae Medical comes from the name we (my daughters and I), have given our trio, the 3 Lashaes - Roshonda Lashae, Taniya Lashae, and Aleeya Lashae.
As a single mother one of my biggest worries is the idea of my children being out in the world trying to assimilate, just to survive.
I've always wanted to build something; to make sure that I leave a legacy that will provide for my children not only now, but after I am long gone. And since Greatness knows no boundaries, the 3 Lashaes are taking our destiny into our own hands.




Our main core values are:

Customer Commitment

 We want to provide Our customers with the very BEST shopping experience and customer service. Without you guys... who would we be?!


We provide OUTSTANDING products and service that deliver premium value to our customers. I always said I would never sale a product that I didn't believe in.


We uphold the HIGHEST standards of integrity in all of our actions. We strive on this the MOST!


Our mission is to provide medical professionals with a quality shopping experience, as well as quality business wear that will add value to you as a consumer.

Being a medical professional means that half of your closet is scrubs! With the demands put on the healthcare system due to COVID-19, I have been inspired to provide that service to you!